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Endorsing the ethos of the crypto world,

BridgeGaps has created a DAO with QuestBook (YC W21)

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Expansive Tech Talent Network: Discover over 2,000+ skilled professionals in our database, spanning diverse tech sectors including AI, Blockchain, Crypto, FinTech, and HealthTech. Ideal for startups looking to enrich their teams with top-tier talent.

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Customized Tech Recruitment Approach

Our specialized recruitment process, featuring tailored questionnaires for each tech startup, ensures we connect you with not just the best candidates, but the right fit for your specific technology sector.

Expertise in Startup Culture

We have a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem. This allows us to adeptly match candidates who not only have the skills but also share the vision and ethos of innovative tech companies.

High Success Rate in Tech Hiring

Our strategic approach to recruitment in the tech industry results in an impressive 90%+ offer acceptance rate, demonstrating our effectiveness in meeting the hiring needs of tech startups.

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YC W21

"The team is extremely dependable, right from understanding our organization’s requirement to finding the candidate, scheduling interviews and rolling out offer letters, the team owns every step of the process."

Abhilash inumella

Co Founder


Serial Entrepreneur

"The team communicates regularly, asks essential questions to understands the job requirements and takes that extra step to understand the culture of the company."

Who we are?

Surabhi Sahni



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Akshay M

Technical advisor

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Note from the founder -

Surabhi Sahni minocha


I am Surabhi (Sahni) Minocha, the founder of BridgeGaps.io, specializing in global hiring for technical and product companies. My background includes a stint as a marketing manager and an education in computer science. BridgeGaps began its journey alongside our first customers, who were part of the YC network's 2021 batch. This period coincided with a surge in web3 innovation and a global approach to hiring. Throughout this phase, I facilitated the hiring of a wide range of positions, from software engineers and algorithmic researchers to product managers, project managers, product designers, leads, heads of marketing, marketing managers, and business development representatives, among others. In short, I pride myself on being a sourcing ninja for end-to-end hiring needs within fast-paced organizations.

Over the past year, we realized that our network was deeply embedded within the web3 company ecosystem. However, as funding dwindled, so did our leads, prompting us to explore recruitment marketplaces. After partnering with a marketplace focused exclusively on healthcare—a sector outside our expertise—we began a turn back, seeking alternatives that align more closely with our knowledge and experience. So we are back and we are focussed to help tech first startups bridge their gaps!

Regarding our team structure, I operate as a solopreneur, personally managing all leads and sourcing candidates. This hands-on approach fosters trust and credibility with candidates globally. Should the volume of leads exceed my capacity, I have strategies and experience in scaling my operations without compromising the quality of our hires, but I will only do so if I am able to work in a seamless manner and replicate the cookie cutter approach in my organisation.

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